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The device is very sophisticated gas boiler

 Before now we have repeatedly spoke of topics concerning gas boiler installations, what, gas boiler proper equipment, our ability to ensure the safety of use, so again today introduced a few details about the gas boiler unit, in fact, wall Furnace device is very elegant.  

First, the gas boiler is a contact with the water supply of electrical goods, power supply wall boiler system operation, the gas is burned material, the water Needless to say, the mining warm bath must use it, so, wall-mounted gas boiler unit must be selected from the water nearly all local electrical kitchen is undoubtedly the best choice. And the demand note that gas boiler tube inlet and exhaust smoke are extended to outdoor demand, so the best that can sustain useful, for example, a window, perhaps drilling.

Second, a number of gas boiler brand specified burning gas and electrical power source is not the same, of course, here I am not easy to go, for example, we demand based brand boiler plate rules apply.

The third point, which is very important, with greater security, although advocates boiler unit in the kitchen, but do not direct the device directly above the gas stove, gas stove because the division operation is the occurrence of fire, the temperature will quickly rise, This will cause a direct baking boiler, resulting in damage to the boiler casing, wall boiler can cause severe damage and even presented directly to security incidents.

The fourth point, anything flammable and other items, are inappropriate with gas boiler placed together, so there are flammable, corrosive, volatile place, not in favor of the device gas boiler; Moreover, orientation of the device above the boiler, without surface mounted wiring, electrical equipment, plumbing and electrical equipment probably burned to maintain safe separation, more than 400MM, 300MM and boiler space to facilitate two probably stay late repairs.

Fifth, gas boiler unit is probably limited taking into account the soil bearing walls, brick walls, etc., if there is room to build flammability data, then you demand to place insulation panels and other protective measures, and the wall needs robust, strong, Due to this reason this can not cause the boiler to fall.

The sixth point, gas wall boiler unit to ensure smooth vertical and horizontal orientation probably, Founder visit, not skewed, try the wall, fixed well.

      Seventh, gas boiler unit height position can often be highly curved investigation hole in their vision of the human eye, easy to operate smoothly and we investigate the boiler operating conditions.

Eighth, now simply a variety of household appliances are already three holes, can be grounded to prevent leakage resulting in security incidents.