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How to buy gas boiler

      Gas boiler is a personalized home independent heating heat output device, which has two heating and water heating function, and a safe, reliable, convenient and energy saving, cleaning, environmental protection and the use, less funding and other characteristics, these years have been In many domestic new construction, renovation residential area to choose from, many domestic users has gradually realized the boiler heating equipment such personalized, then as a normal user about how to pick a good price-comparison boiler yet. The primary has the following for information.

 1 Quality reliable: it depends on the quality of the parts inside the boiler is not the primary clearance, the primary components (such as controllers, proportional valves, pumps, expansion tanks, etc.) the best selection of well-known brands, quality merchandise, and ability to ensure boiler all the quality and function, its offer slightly higher point.

 2 commodity inspection: Because the boiler is gas commodities, commodity inspection necessary harsh, it is necessary to have the relevant manufacturers to ensure the quality of goods and the need to pass through the country about some of detection, other, each machine is necessary on-site incineration, After checking 100% qualified talent factory, sampling is definitely not allowed. because goods pass rate of 99%, representing a user is 100% purchase substandard goods.

 (3) Control system: an outstanding boiler control system is normal, to ensure safe operation of the incineration of useful, and testing, maintenance, normal operation and fault analysis and so has great significance.  Because the boiler to launch self, security, maintenance, burning operation, working conditions and some big changes are coming by the end of the controller.

4 security maintenance functions: security questions every family has been touched, gas fireplace as household goods category security is also very important. The current well-known brands such as Europe, large domestic companies are in contrast clearance fireplace safety, security, maintenance function is not the more the better, but certainly some of the most fundamental and no less, such as: Power initiative diagnosed with leakage maintenance, water maintenance function active exhaust fan cleaning, pressure maintenance, electronic incineration induction heating system antifreeze maintenance, pump anti-jamming maintenance, maintenance bypass pump, water flow monitoring equipment, anti-dry and over-temperature maintenance, heating system over pressure safety maintenance, flame safeguard, temperature sensor failure and maintenance.

 5 matching boiler output power: boiler output power is usually based on the room size, location area, indoor temperature, thermal conditions and the needs of the user window walls, etc. inductive thinking. In addition, the air consumption is also concerned with the boiler, according to the law of conservation of energy, in order to reach a certain comfortable room temperature, it is necessary to heat the room to make up for the appropriate, it is necessary to spend a corresponding amount of gas is worth.  Practical application can be based on the user's situation, energy-saving approach must be adopted.

 6 offers: parts and equipment according to the situation inside the boiler to determine boiler is to compare quotes a good selection approach. As Europe imported parts, good quality, its offer on high, usually around 5000-10000 yuan, various function well, wrong rate, etc. to ensure safety.

 7 serve: boiler primary use of large group of some ordinary people, thus allowing users to enjoy the benefits is the manufacturer of the most fundamental principles, thinking required users are thinking, caring. Because the boiler will soon launch a few years, domestic brands are also many, like some brand-name computers in quality, function, aftermarket foundation would not fundamentally ensured.  Thus, the boiler will be the domestic brands, as long as domestic brands have the strength, cohesive, we just centered.

 In summary, probably summed up all aspects of the selection of the boiler, balance its cost, excellent selection of quality, the use of safe, functional location, large companies serve in place of merchandise.  Note the use of a household boiler, maintenance in the spring, do not warm up, we must let go of the heating of the water, and writes the new water.  1, the switch to open water, the pressure applied to 2:00 closed (pressure not to exceed 3); 2, opened the final set of radiator release valve, (beware ah) with a weird taste "old Water "will erupted; 3, and other" old water "does not spray or flow out when the valve is closed discouraged, 2nd pressure switch to turn the water 2 or 3; 4, repeated N times the discharge and processing of water, to meet your own one stop (not from a cheat from one, and this is something we own, repair up to a lot of silver yo); 5, after the resolution is not repeated erosion and eventually a pressure not to exceed 1.5 (up to beyond 2).  In the fall and winter erosion and change the water once again, but the pressure must not exceed 1.5, you can open the final set when the pressure is too high radiator release valve and release some of the water on the line.  Second, the use of a work to be noted that the pressure will not be too high pressure, from 1.2 to 1.5 is the most suitable size, it will cut the seal member beyond the life of the use, the pressure will be too small not to launch the onset of the appearance, the process way that is open drain valve discouraged, turn the water switch water, hee hee, you Zheliang Zhao, Oh 2, water bathing and washing dishes, we use the stove is hot water function.  When we feel bad habits blended with water and heat on cold water, that is a big mistake and is especially wrong stove heating hot water is not directly come, so we blended with cold water together in a pressure cycle with hot on the changes within the system This pressure changes will be passed to the appropriate circuits and chips from the sensing device, the warmth of the stove will follow the pre-operation in the form set out from the beginning of each device, so the device will accelerate the aging of repeated, according to a position of self-respect, I feel from a The water temperature is set on two people on very hot now, huh. There are questions that can appear on the faucet, very simple way to deal with that is to tap the screen to let off under eradicate impurities OK, I can be found at the top is too small stones, lines, grass, etc., so we are not in drinking yo! ! ! ! ! 4, when the water temperature rose to 60 degrees noise increases (1) time a scale heat exchanger and a secondary heat exchanger needs cleaning