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Haydn workers arrange Guilin tour

      Huge day for the workers, sparking enthusiastic our job, promotion team cohesion, March 29, 2013 - April 1 Haydn company to arrange for employees to travel to Guilin.
 Ancient landscape of Guilin have the reputation of heaven, "Green hills, odd holes, stone beauty" is the image summed up a common view of Guilin.
 Four-day trip, has traveled to Yangshuo paradise, Jing Li River, Butterfly Spring, West Street, Moon Hill, Dongzhai, Guilin region palace, gold and silver towers; meantime Butterfly Spring, Moon Mountain Nature intricate carving it The exceptionally beautiful, but also because many men of letters left by ink and famous.  Lijiang River in Guilin, the most beautiful is said, a half-hour boat tour, can be described step by step picturesque, let us understand plenty of people in the middle reaches of the Lijiang River landscape painting.  This allows us to keep Qifeng Silk playing with beautiful posture photographic attachment.
 Guilin, Yangshuo is the essence, but also the first Western blend ground.  So here a collection of many foreigners, has a dense Chinese and Western cultures, in addition, where there are numerous small craft, unique flavor bars, and of course the unforgettable cuisine.

 The Guilin tour, not only influence the physical and mental workers, more enhanced workers know each other. In addition to beauty, more harmony, cooperation, friendship, joy, filled in Haydn's team sideways, filling in everyone's heart ......