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Teach your family to save money heating Raiders

 Price rises every day, rising costs of city life, and a large part of household expenditure is heating costs. Can Hearty enjoying warm and cozy together, turn the heating expenses controlled at a lower level?

1 Check your heating equipment, because only a few millimeters of ash accumulation and scheduling wrong burner will consume about 5% or even more energy.
2 If the boiler with doubt, "executive Battle" or overage "executive labor", not only the existence of the power of low cost high-spirited questions, but also to give the home is not a small security risk. At this point, you are thinking about the family behind the boiler replaced with a more energy-efficient gas boiler goods, and boiler replacement costs, in subsequent years, will be subject to the gas cost recovery.
3 room ventilation not too long a time, twice a day for a short time and the best full ventilation - about 5 minutes. Thermostatic valve to be closed together. Thus, the intent of both arrived ventilation, but also to retain stored in furniture heating.
4 sealing of doors and windows for energy efficiency is crucial. Check the heating season before sealing windows and doors, to be replaced when necessary.
5 If the radiator Enthusiasm, maybe heard a noise in the radiator air, you have to let the radiator exhaust vent. Simply open the vent screw wrench, let inside air out until water flows out after another.
6 Do not put clothes, window cloth or furniture and other items on the radiator cap and thermostat valve, not as a drying device, otherwise it will throw the amount of heat energy to arrive by 20%.
7 In the heating process, a degree Celsius per liter would add 6% of energy consumption. If the living room temperature 23 degrees arrived, the bedroom temperature is 18 degrees advocates. Kitchen and hallway have advocated for the temperature 18 degrees, at night you can sleep under a quilt stable, the kitchen will get a very good fresh food, and this way you can save 30% of power consumption.