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Boiler easy money has trick

    How to save money before winter fireplace, gas quotes rising, after all, how can a user boiler both warm and save resources,'s house with a fireplace instead of the traditional heating inconvenience join together, they offer gas no sale. How to save money consistently lure the public, near to reporters from a number of buy site found that many community residents in winter to buy a smart thermostat, this sensor temperature furnace wall-active scheduling widgets work usually allows residents to save 20% to 30% of the cost.  Professor estimates, the total gas boiler heating was Beijing area of about 5,000 square meters, more than eighty percent are not equipped with a smart thermostat, wasted heating season each year up to the one hundred million cubic meters of natural gas. 
Wang Zhao, who lives a hundred years ago to attend Jasmine Garden decoration buy accidental exposure to the thermostat, try to own a boiler installed, how to save money in the end did not like何介怀.  A few days ago she occasionally chatting with the neighbors, when it comes to things heating costs by surprise.  "The neighbor said last year winter boiler gone over 2000 words (cubic meters), doing more than four thousand pieces, I did not know their own account for sale, and a winter heating costs only 1,200 words, more than two thousand block, the house quite warm. How can we not at home the day of it, but that does not mean interval so big ah. "Miss Zhao introduced.  Now they mounted thermostat district more gradually, community forums and in advocating buy, wired for 400 yuan, 600 yuan wireless sensing.
The capital of a large fireplace dealers engineer Zhai told reporters outside the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing are many new residential natural gas heating furnace wall.  "Of course, developers and property companies are willing to use the fireplace, to save heating costs with an annual income fights, like some rendezvous heating households, how many years do not pay heating costs, how can you be with?" With him leaked, developer preinstalled The boiler, almost all unworthy smart thermostat, just set aside interface.  In American and European countries, the smart thermostat is standard boiler accessories.  "This year is also the concept of the thermostat only know some of Beijing consumers are now probably more than eighty percent of the households did not gas from heating equipment." He indicated.  Reporter yesterday, I asked a number of people using heating boiler, they do not know why the smart thermostat thing, thought it was the boiler water temperature control that comes with the device.  At that time, the market will be based on the sale of gas boiler temperature control work, when the temperature exceeded 60 degrees Celsius will be automatically suspended at room temperature to avoid overheating the boiler is usually cumulative time each day to work at full capacity for 5-6 hours.  But after all, can not be precisely controlled temperature control indoor temperature, natural gas users will often feel self-heating temperature is not too hot, too cold, if no one at home to completely turn off the boiler is saving money, but at home in the cold, To warm up too close to one hour.  If the installation of thermostats, boiler system timer switch automatically every day, scheduling, morning, afternoon, evening, night, each time at room temperature can be set according to demand, and then arrived in energy-saving effect can even join heating than gas more sale.