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2013 Haydn sales training company will fully start the first leg of Xi'an Station

        To further enhance the Haydn service quality, strengthen brand called Haydn, Haydn company sales training session started. First stop, Xi'an station, on July 25-26, held in Xi'an, get agents alike.

 Sales training meeting, will continue to carry out the partition.  Participation in this training is mainly regional service agency personnel Shaanxi.  Training courses mainly for product knowledge, installation points, repairs carried out a detailed knowledge of the theoretical explanation, which greatly enriched the sales staff's product knowledge, customer service and lay a solid foundation products.  Meeting the exchange process, all delegates raised their hands to speak, aftermarket will usually encounter various problems with the company's Li Gong, Wang carried out a detailed exchange.



        After the training, local service personnel have said that the company held a lot of the training will help you to solve many of those who can not solve their own problems.  Haydn company Wang also said that in the future such training activities carried out once every year, through this training, to unify our service concept, to create stars, such training to enhance the brand image of Haydn, quality of service, have a significance.