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Haydn Company's medical staff 

        Good health is the foundation of our work to meet the challenges, it is the most important prerequisite to enjoy a better life.  To focus on employee health, Haydn Company on September 17, 2012 focused organization all employees healthy, the company's employees truly feel the love and warmth. The examination includes regular projects: blood, urine, liver function, chest and so on. 
As companies continue to improve the welfare system, all employees physical activity kicked off in September.  Companies adhere to the people-oriented, caring staff, organizing the physical activities to ensure that employees grasp health, enhance employee health awareness, improve work efficiency.  Doctors at the hospital armed border in Shenzhen on September 17 in Haydn conduct a comprehensive physical examination. 
Organization and Administration Department under the coordination of the strong cooperation of all departments, in the event the company Haydn prepare a special examination room on the fifth floor.  Mainly for lipid analysis, B ultrasound, ECG, blood pressure and other projects.  Reasonable arrangements for all types of medical items, medical process specifications and reasonable, in collaboration with various departments under vigorous physical activity ultimately the successful conclusion.
This examination, so that we truly feel the company humane care, the body is the capital of revolution, and only a healthy body in order to play the biggest role in his work, but also more confirms the company adhere to the people-oriented concept, enhancing the company's and feelings among employees, the only way to discover, timely prevention and timely treatment to protect employee health, more rational allocation of human resources, improve labor productivity, and promote the healthy development of production and management company.