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To meet customer demand as the goal, relying on product quality of survival, good service network to expand our services, customer-centric, constantly expanding, and then expand!

 Join conditions

 (1) HVAC industry sales experience or volunteer engaged in the HVAC industry. 
(2) to join a certain economic strength. 
(3) has a sense of brand operations. 
(4) have their own stores in a certain area or commercial counter position. 
(5) The company is willing to accept the guidance of its management, training storefront renovation norms and business knowledge.

 Company support

 (1) The Corporation shall be supported by a unified brand image; 
(2) promotional materials, posters, etc. on request free of charge; 
(3) to be technical support, the company organizes regular training; 
(4) regional sales staff do not regularly visit to help sales; 
(5) regional advertising negotiated running.

Affiliate Contact

 And headquarters sales department can contact us directly.
0755-27356020 0755-29513091-601 Headquarters Sales Tel 0755 -27,356,020 0755-29513091-601