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Haydn five-star service

 Haydn in product development and engineering design at the beginning of the service on the introduction of a powerful faith, for your chance to win Haydn full service.  Has been the traditional pre-sale service to enhance customer satisfaction for the service, the service content extends to every aspect of product development, production, transportation and engineering design, installation, and commissioning of the system.  Haydn adhere to the user-centric, strengthen the service work, the full implementation of "customer satisfaction" and Haydn for every customer seriously take 100 points!

 Product quality assurance 
Conscientiously implement the national "Product Quality Law" and "Consumer Protection Law", "some of the goods for repair, replacement, return the liability"; products and services to perform the country's new three packs of regulations.

 Consulting service 
Corporate Headquarters (0755-27356020) and service centers across the country where the city set up a hotline to accept a variety of user consultation.

Warranty Service 
Company-wide implementation of free maintenance service for the first heating season warranty products, and heating system operation and maintenance to provide advice to ensure the normal operation lasting system; provide maintenance for two years, a lifetime warranty and maintenance services.

 Repair Service 
National implementation of 48 hours (24-hour city center) booking service (limited to a service point), the country in various service outlets are at your call.

 Technical support and training 
The company will provide free technical support and technical training systems products and systems management for users.

 The company will establish a customer profile to establish a system for each user an electronic file, easy to manage user information in order to provide more comprehensive and timely service