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 Haydn haydn, the brand was founded in 2003, and in 2004 the establishment of research and production base in Shenzhen starting point, fully committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality gas heating equipment.  For decades, single-minded pursuit of a professional core team spirit Haydn won the sustained and rapid development, "professional cast boutique" slogan Haydn had injected every human soul, to become the industry's most accurate description of Haydn's words. With the development of the market, Haydn boiler to stabilize the product quality, low repair rate recognized by the market, a large number of fine works of early stable operation, expanding user community is continuing to add to the brand with the glory of Haydn.

 Professional R & D, manufacturing, absolutely determined to pursue professional is the essence of the spirit of Haydn boiler.  European heritage leading-edge technology in safety, reliability and environmental areas of energy, combined with domestic gas supply, water and other peculiarities of the domestic market is tightly close to the basic concept of our product development, manufacturing quality gas boiler with professional standards, we solemn commitment to the market. 
In the leading-edge technology to create and build gas heating industry-leading brand concept, introduced at the factory building the most advanced automated production lines and testing equipment, laboratory chosen according to national standards established by the industry's most advanced testing equipment. Including automatic three-component gas continuous gas distribution systems, gas composition analysis equipment, CO and NOx comprehensive testing devices, precision gas flow testing system, automatic electric performance test systems, reliability and life testing equipment.  Which automatic continuous gas distribution equipment and gas analysis equipment with international advanced level, the domestic industry is the most advanced testing equipment to meet the research needs of our gas supply diversity.  Focusing on research in the field of gas, while companies relying on the advantages of Shenzhen electronics industry to accelerate research in the field of electronic control technology, from early wireless remote control, the application of two-way communication technology, to promote the conversion technology, to the condensation heating control development system, Haydn products always in control of the boiler is in the field of leadership and innovation, technical progress the industry has made outstanding contributions.

 2013, in order to adapt to the rapid development of enterprises, Haydn's D and manufacturing systems and detection systems upgrade again, equipment and operating systems continue to maintain industry-leading level.

 Through years of development, Haydn rapid increase brand sales in the domestic market has been ranked in the forefront of the industry. June 2010, Haydn boiler main series passed the European CE certification, in September 2011, was built by the Ministry of Healthy Living and Certification Center to review and become Healthy certified products, in May 2013, was named Professional Committee of gas heating boiler Ten brand.  Industry status gradually being recognized, has become one of the highest domestic boiler industry professional development level and professional manufacturing standards.

 To today's Haydn, are faced with how to achieve a breakthrough to achieve transformation in the true sense.  Haydn people realize soberly, superior business can allow enterprises to obtain short-term development, Everlasting must be oriented business philosophy, the team must have a common core values and long-term vision of the chase.  Ideas taught patterns are changing everyone's soul.  Teach sail, accompanied with love, Haydn who will shoulder the mission, Passing the torch, to realize the great dream of a century enterprise.